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I Can´t Wait - Good Clean Fun - ...From The Forces Of Evil (Vinyl, LP)

2 Oct

8 Replies to “ I Can´t Wait - Good Clean Fun - ...From The Forces Of Evil (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Out of The Abyss (track 4) has a Black Sabbath undertone that you will love. All in all, everything is doom, and doomier, the better." NO CLEAN SINGING: "This Brooklyn-based instrumental band released their second album on September 1 (CD, vinyl, and digital). The entire album is very, very good and deserves a complete review.
  2. On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces Of Evil Album by Good Clean Fun. I Can't Wait You're Only Punk Once Beat The Meat WWZD 11th Commandment You Gotta Stay Positive In Defense Of All Life Victory Records Sucks Loserdotcom Fight to Unite On The Streets Saving The Scene From The Forces Of Evil External links Amazon: search for Good Clean Fun • On The Streets Saving .
  3. This story starts in ‘85 When posi-core was young and alive And the world seemed to say “It's up to you"? So many things to make us shout We knew what it was all about We wanted to change things And we still do I always knew I'd never follow A man with a bottle.
  4. Some good clean fun Turn off the radio Had enough of the news Don't feel like work Developing a case of the blues I make up my mind I'm going to take a little holiday Call up the boss said I won't be comin' in today Well, he says he was planning to blow me off anyway Getting hard to find Some good clean fun.
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  7. Trooper Good Clean Fun lyrics & video: I get up in the morning Turn on the radio Got to listen to the news Can't find the rock and roll I hear the news guy say there's going t.

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