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Submersion - The Host (2) - Esalen Lectures (File, Album)

2 Oct

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  1. Definition. Let M and N be differentiable manifolds and: → be a differentiable map between them. The map f is a submersion at a point ∈ if its differential: → is a surjective linear map. In this case p is called a regular point of the map f, otherwise, p is a critical point.A point ∈ is a regular value of f if all points p in the preimage − are regular points.
  2. The other two correspond to "immersion" and "submersion". By "sloppy", I mean that there's no "dualizing" map described -- there's no way to take a submersion and generate a corresponding immersion, which if it is dualized brings you back to the original submersion; not only does the article not mention such a map, I don't know of one, either.
  3. 14 sentence examples: 1. The fruit was preserved by submersion in alcohol. 2. During submersion, the paper fibres become thoroughly saturated with sizing. 3. Background Drowning is defined as death due to submersion in liquid. 4. The submersion air c.
  4. "Inspired by think tanks and floatation tanks, psychological research, mythology, 's social planning, stoned apes, elite transhumanism, and the counter-culture, the Esalen Lectures is an imaginary trip to a NorCal psychedelic retreat.
  5. The Submersion (Powerless Book 4) Jason Letts May , (15 chapters) Note: I read this book as a part of the 5-book set and am giving the book review here. For the overall series review, see my Powerless Complete 5 book Set review/5(6).
  6. Aug 14,  · Listen to your favorite songs from Esalen Lectures by The Host Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.
  7. Jul 08,  · submersion (countable and uncountable, plural submersions) The act of submerging, or the state of being submerged ; immersion (mathematics) A differentiable map whose differential is everywhere surjective.
  8. Submersion is the act of being completely held under water (or liquid) for a long time. Scuba divers use breathing tanks to maintain submersion during long, deep dives.

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